October 2022


Dhwani and Pradan collaborated to build a portal through which farmers, FPOs, and Pradan are now connected through a single centralised web portal. The portal is being used for crop-cycle management where farmers can get advances for inputs and receive payments on a timely basis based on their outputs. The program provides marginalised farmers direct access to the markets and improves their socio-economic conditions.


Through a community-owned accountability structure, REACH launched the ALLIES initiative to eradicate tuberculosis in multiple Indian states. TB Champions (TB survivors from the community) use mForm to profile and track patients in native languages, ensuring that the process is streamlined, accurate, and monitored on a timely basis.

Transform Rural India Foundation

With the mForm, Dhwani digitised the payment approval process of the Internal Professional Resource Persons (IPRPs) in the UP Rural Livelihood Mission.Currently, over 750 IPRPs track SHGs, VOs, and CLFs. This application has solved IPRP’s problem of delayed payments by using a central tracking portal. The portal has also, digitised the review mechanism of cluster level federations (CLFs), which these cadres manage.

Sattva Consulting

The Bharat EdTech Initiative by Sattva aims to provide digital learning opportunities for all Indian students. To help onboard students into the system and track all the activities that students are involved in Sattva is using mForm. Learning platforms can be continuously adjusted based on data collected and monitored to meet the needs of students whose needs vary greatly.

Mahindra Group

With Dhwani’s mGRant system, Mahindra Group is tracking 100+ CSR activities across 30 companies. By collecting real-time project data from NGOs, this solution helps the organization manage budget allocations, and utilizations and analyses last-mile impacts across projects and locations. The system also tracks and captures volunteer data for all Mahindra Group employees.


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